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Anderson cooper dating black women

He owns three popular bars located throughout New York City.The first is Easternbloc, a gay bar located on 505 E 6th St.The couple purchased it in 2009 for approximately .3 million, according to The Daily Mail.But Maisani and Cooper own several other homes, including a mansion in Connecticut estimated to cost between million and million, according to Page Six.Working at a bar helped Maisani to come out of his shell, he told Frenchly. The bar got me out of my books and the cozy atmosphere of the Morgan.And working in a social environment forced me to work on my timidity.Cohen and Cooper will bring their friendship to CNN annual New Year’s eve show.The event, which has developed a cult following, was originally hosted by Cooper and Kathy Griffin.

The 49-year-old broadcast journalist is a big believer in maintaining privacy and not opening up much about his life outside of the studio.It gave me self-confidence,” he told the publication.These days, Maisani is still involved in the bar industry, although now not as a bartender but as an owner.I knew I’d have to be careful right from the start before it had a chance to get out of hand.” Maisani and Cooper have that in common; Anderson Cooper also rarely talks about his personal life.In fact, he did not come out of the closet until 2012, in part because he wanted to keep his personal life to himself.Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen were totally taken by CNN correspondent Randi Kaye, who was flirting with a joint until she turned things over to a dude who took a hit off of an ginormas bong. It's all legal, but it was still a bizarre scene both at the party and in Times Square, where Anderson and Andy were beside themselves.The massive bong in the video is called a Steamroller ... CNN dropped Griffin however after she released photos of herself holding a bloodied imitation of President Donald Trump’s severed head.NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 16: Benjamin Maisani and Anderson Cooper attend the 2015 amf AR Inspiration Gala New York at Spring Studios on June 16, 2015 in New York City.“We were set up on a blind date, we had a phone call to set up the date.I was a young reporter at ABC, he was at CBS and I knew within 45 seconds I was never going on a date with Andy Cohen,” said Cooper.


  1. Oct 6, 2016. CNN anchor and presidential debate moderator Anderson Cooper is dating Benjamin Maisani, a New York City bar owner. Here's what you need to know about him.

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