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11/16/2014 Kellogg has Frosted Flakes' Tony the Tiger go gay. 11/12/2014 Homosexual conduct is responsible for very high incidence of venereal disease. 11/12/2014 4-part Porn expose about the danger, why and how. 11/12/2014 Mormon ward in Seattle invites gays and lesbians to special Sacrament Meeting geared especially to them. Though the conference may include the fact that Mormon 'gays' must remain celebate towards anyone of their same sex, it will surely not define what such chastity would comprise, e.g.

11/6/2014 Former lesbian shares her testimony of breaking free of homosexuality. 11/5/2014 Top doctor in Virginia is a transgender man posing as a woman. 10/30/2014 So L has said for years that the gay activist movement wasn't about marriage, but about societal acceptance of homosexuality. By Matt Walsh on The Blaze, it is entitled "Of Course The Government Should Force Churches to Perform Gay Weddings." 10/25/2014 Ex-gay man tells his story. We feel its content can be harmful to the eternal souls, and the physical and emotional well-being, of those impressionable youth and adults who attend.

11/2/2014 Read a great satirical article about the liberal assault on religion. 10/25/2014 Idaho Minister couple ordered to perform gay marriages or go to jail. 10/25/2014 Judge: Puerto Rico's gay marriage ban is legal. 10/25/2014 Federal judge rulse Louisiana gay ban to be constitutional. We at Standard of Liberty highly recommend that you avoid this conference and discourage others from attending it.

10/25/2014 Churches ORDERED to perform "gay marriages" in Denmark law. The promoters of this event are some who used to be our allies in the doctrinal view of homosexuality, but who have gradually slipped into a totally worldly view camouflaged with spiritual language, that is finding ways to accommodate homosexuality as if it can fit into God's plan.

Nothing preached about sin, repentance, overcoming, mighty change of heart, redemption through Christ. Read the Flunking Sainthood article, and follow-up. refraining from pornography, 'gay' associations and propaganda, dating, flirting, chatrooms, phone sex, hand-holding, hugging, kissing, flaunting, advocating, organizing, recruiting, publically and proudly proclaiming a 'gay' identity, etc.

See Drew Graham's talk at the mark of the evening session. Read the Touchstone Blog article by Michael Avramovich. 7/29/2015 Full disclosure of Church history is necessary for greater understanding. 7/11/2015 Mormon church HQ sends out gay marriage letter to be read and discussed in church meetings in July. Read an Op Ed letter suggesting church leaders DON'T read the letter. Such a stance is incongruent with LDS covenants to keep even one's desires within God's boundaries.

Called "Stripling Warrior," see how depraved it gets. 8/17/2015 Pro-gay writer explains why Boy Scouts needed to allow gay leaders. 8/17/2015 Pastor gets it right, loving gays enough to call them to repentance. 8/10/2015 50% of gay men with depression have considered suicide. 8/9/2015 Darker, Dangerous side of American Homosexuality. The latest twist in Mormon homosexulism is: This may sound reasonable to many people. But once a person states his allegiance to homosexuality, everything else he says is not to be trusted.

1/26/2014 Christian evangelist Franklin Graham says U. 12/16/2015 Mormon Church issues policy on same-sex married members. quits Wells Fargo over ad featuring lesbians, urges others to do the same. To look upon another, opposite sex or same sex, and lust is sinful. Some have gotten married, but still openly claim their same-sex desires. As uncomfortable as it may be, we must confront what SSA invites and persuades one to do and to assess whether that behavior is of God. Honest people cannot deny that same-sex sexual attractions entice a person to perform sexually stimulating acts with persons of the same sex, acts that perversely imitate male-female mating, abuse one's body, and mock the sacred power of procreation.

Also, "The Handbook Changes From the Institutional Perspective," by a cultural Mormon. Will not revoke charters (see page 14 of Gates's remarks) of troops who allow open homosexuals as leaders. It is the lust that Jesus talked about as being sexual sin. SSA is about self-maintained sexual feelings and thoughts which entice a person to act in certain ways.


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  2. Our view of sex and sexuality is based on. that’s just ONE transgendered individual per every 9,434. Read the Exodus Global Alliance article. 7.

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