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Affiliate branded co dating program

Online Travel Market Overview Most recent estimates by the leading market research firms peg the core U. travel market (i.e., airline, lodging/hospitality, car rental, cruise, tour, travel agency sales), at 0 – 0 billion (2008). More importantly, from an affiliate marketing perspective, poses a much rosier picture for the online leisure/unmanaged business travel segment.

According to one leading market research firm, (whose estimate of the U. travel market size comes at the lower end of the scale at approximately 2 billion), the U. travel market will experience annual growth rate of 2% in 20, despite the rather nasty recession that has engulfed the U. Specifically, this segment, which represents 36% of total U. travel industry sales (.2 billion in 2008), is projected to grow at more than triple the rate for the overall travel market, generating year-on-year growth of 7% through 2010.

Travel Dividends believes that travel affiliate marketers have an unprecedented opportunity to leverage this unique competitive situation and enter into ‘no-lose’ affiliate programs with both sets of players.

However, of the two, the OTAs offer the best financial upside…here’s why: ?

Another key similarity between these two types of online consumers is that these travelers hold little brand loyalty – either to the travel supplier or the intermediary / retailer.

Hotwire has recently added a “semi-opaque” feature, offering customers additional information about their travel details, while still providing a discount to regular fares.” According to the J. Power and Associates 2 ranked highest in customer satisfaction for independent travel web sites for a third consecutive year…quite the accomplishment given that in the mind of some consumers, OTA customer care programs leave a lot to be desired. – Funded and developed by several of the leading U. airlines back in the heyday of the era in the late 1990s, (Orbitz) has changed hands several times since its inception. World Choice Travel (WCT) – also owns World Choice Travel, which offers scalable, private-label travel solutions that allow travel suppliers or travel affiliates to leverage Travelocity’s content, while building their own comprehensive online travel portal based on a as: “…the Web’s most powerful suite of online booking products.

To assess whether Hotwire’s affiliate program is right for you, check out their offering here. Most recently, Orbitz was bundled together with and several other internationally-based online travel companies to form Orbitz Worldwide, and then promptly taken public in an IPO. World Choice Travel is the most popular online private-label travel partner program in the world due in large part to this unique relationship. The WCT-Travelocity revenue share is generous and our partner support leads the industry.” WCT boasts some 2,400 affiliates who operate more than 6,000 Web sites with its private label booking engine in 42 countries around the world.

As noted by and many other market research firms, the online research and booking behavior of unmanaged business travelers and leisure travelers is essentially the same.

“Employees of the millions of small- and medium-sized corporations in the U. use the same websites as leisure travelers to book their business travel.


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