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There are few comprehensive programs denouncing the acceptability of hitting children. No Hit Zones and Family Safe Zones are becoming widespread, particularly within the pediatric healthcare setting with applicability across multiple settings.The scope of this prevention effort nationally and future directions will be described.Forensic Interview Specialist, Gundersen NCPTC This presentation will discuss the emerging issues in the field of forensic interviewing, discuss new research, best practices and provide opportunity for open forum of questions from forensic interviewers and investigators.Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker Working with children who have experienced maltreatment can be incredibly rewarding, but also overwhelming and painful as you hear horrific stories and see firsthand the effects on children who have endured so much.You listen, stay present, take it in, and serve as a safe holding environment as they share their trauma experiences. Working with children who have experienced maltreatment places you at risk of burnout, high turnover and even developing symptoms of PTSD.This presentation explores the impact of secondary trauma and provides practical ways to assess its impact and identify steps to protect yourself and recover.Chief Investigative and Support Services Officer, Dallas Children's Advocacy Center Investigating cases of children and teenagers who have been sexually victimized can be challenging in and of itself, but it can be especially challenging when the child identifies with a different gender than they are biologically, are struggling with their sexual identity or are dealing with abuse as a result of their sexuality. " It's imperative that as interviewers we are gathering sound investigative information for the civil and criminal case while being culturally sensitive to the special issues LGBTQ children and teens might be dealing with.Frequent questions forensic interviewers might ask are "How can I ask questions in a culturally sensitive manner? Additionally, LGBTQ children might experience abuse because of their sexual orientation and specific questions need to be asked to explore abusive behaviors targeted at this population by caregivers as well as others seeking to exploit children and teens.

For example, when we see aggression toward others in circumstances in which aggression is not warranted, trauma theory proposes that during a traumatic experience, a person may rely on aggression in order to survive.

Terms such as the cycle of violence, generational poverty and generational abuse are absolutely related to ACEs.

Strategies such as identification and assessment of adverse experiences, reducing risk and exposure, nurturing resiliency and skills building are effective interventions to stress, trauma and abuse.

Social Worker, Minnesota Department of Education Co-presenter: Adam Heuett, Senior Investigator, Minnesota Department of Education The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) is the agency responsible for assessing and investigating alleged maltreatment by school employees in Minnesota's public and charter schools.

This is unique in that many jurisdictions delegate that responsibility to county welfare agencies, or they do not have a set protocol in place.


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  3. Violence Intervention and Prevention VIP Summit When Words Matter February 28–March 2, 2018 Rosen Centre Hotel—9840 International Drive, Orlando, FL 72758

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