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A course in miracles dating service

The Book of Mormon teaches that “God has provided a means that man, through faith, might work mighty miracles” (Mosiah ).

The “means” provided is priesthood power (see James –15; D&C –48), and that power works miracles through faith (see Ether ; Moro. The scriptures contain many accounts of such miracles. A second type of genuine miracle is the miracle worked through the power of faith, without specifically invoking the power of the priesthood. The ultimate such miracle is the Atonement of Jesus Christ—His triumph over physical and spiritual death for all mankind.

Of course we have fatalities among our young missionaries—about three to six per year over the last decade—all of them tragic.

But the official death rates for comparable-age young men and women in the United States are eight times higher than the death rates of our missionaries.

Other miracles occur in funding missions by missionaries or families too poor to do so but who do so anyway.

Still another miracle is the way missionaries are protected during their labors.

About 40 years ago a professional dramatic production planned for a midwestern city had to be postponed because the producers could not find enough professional actors to perform the required roles. You will remember that these pretenders were rejected by the Lord (see Matt. Not every manifestation or miracle comes from God or from mortal deception.

The revelation on priesthood affirms the biblical teaching in Mark that “signs,” including miraculous healings and other wonderful works, “follow them that believe” (see also D&C ).

Before we are too critical of such techniques, we should remember that we engage in similar deceptions whenever we exaggerate a happening in order to dazzle an audience into thinking we have experienced a miracle or to enhance our stature in other ways. We know from the scriptures that persons without authority will use the name of Jesus Christ to work what seem to be miracles. I will say no more of this, since I believe it is not desirable to say much about the powers of the evil one. These two fit all of the elements of the definition: they are brought about by divine power, mortals do not understand them, and mortals cannot duplicate them of themselves.

The Savior taught that as part of the Final Judgment many would say, “Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? It is sufficient for us to know that his power exists and that we have been warned against it (see Rev. First, miracles worked by the power of the priesthood are always present in the true Church of Jesus Christ.

Why don’t our talks in general conference and local meetings say more about the miracles we have seen?

Most of the miracles we experience are not to be shared.


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