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2way free se cams

*Only needed if disassembling the locking mechanism.

Autozone carries a good variety of bits, more so than the other chains I've tried (O'Reilly's, Pep Boys, Sears Hardware).

Locking Mechanism Removal: Start by removing the door trim panel.

For the driver side door, you can now pull up on the entire handle/switch assembly as a unit - use moderate force to unclasp the clips holding it in place.

Also, considering that you'll be removing the inner door panel to access the locking mechanism, now would be a good time to add some noise dampening material to the metal door skin if you desire.

There is a damping panel in place from the factory, and it would be interesting to hear if adding additional material would have a noticeable effect.

(illustration) Disconnect the various wire harnesses on the metal door panel - don't worry about what goes where - each connector can only fit in one and only one place.

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Also, when the door in question is the driver's side front door with an aftermarket window controller (Alien Tech, etc), the controller usually fails to operate as usual.The cable can be positioned at various points along the handle.Note the current position of the cable and release it from the handle.No other store carried the item or had any idea where to obtain it.Time Required: 1.5-3 hours, depending on individual pace.Pull the panel away from the door frame starting at the edges - if you haven't removed the panel before, the gasket may require a bit of force to pry it away from the frame.Carefully maneuver the entire panel around until the panel is free of the door frame with the lock mechanism and associated wiring attached.Symptoms: Door(s) fail to respond normally to lock/unlock signals.In several cases, sending a lock signal via remote locks all but one door.(illustration) The rest of the door trim panel is now held in place by snap-in anchors and can be loosened by pulling the trim panel away from the door.Begin with the bottom of the door and give it a good tug to pop out the connectors.


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