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But at this stage and age of my life I’m okay taking on more risk (ie no bonds), and most, if not all, stocks in VTSAX to the foreign markets, just not directly like, say, by investing in funds that hold actual foreign companies.

This is one area I’d like to learn a lot more about, though, so if any of you care to chime in with thoughts I’d love to hear them! The other fund I was considering, if you’re interested, was VASGX (Vanguard Life Strategy Growth Fund).

But on the flip side, it doesn’t grow your money as fast either like, say, if one of them takes off like Apple.

There’s tons of stuff in this life that I’m good at (saving, hustling, getting the money TO invest somewhere), but the one area I’ve failed over and over again in is coming up with a robust investing strategy. Here were the last two strategies I used in maxing out my Roth IRA: It’s literally been years (2? ) since I last paid real attention to all my investments (other than pouring in the money), so I finally pulled the trigger and made the switch from USAA to Vanguard, effectively ending my “all accounts under one roof” mantra I had lived all these years.

That tells you how much I believe in this new strategy though. I won’t go into all the details again as to why I Traditional IRAs (remember my crazy IRA Test??

We dish it out exactly how it plays out in our lives, and then we leave it open for every jackal with an internet connection to either praise us or kindly debate what big idiots we are.

And I love every moment of it :) [This is the opposite of what financial planners are allowed to do btw – which is why I’ll never be one.


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