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1960s dating game

It all got me thinking about "board games for girls" as a concept. I have written about the support that a partner/spouse provides to someone living with cancer—with prostate cancer and for young adults with cancer—and I always include the partner in discussions about treatment choice or sexual difficulties.

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That would not be ethical of course—but I bet I would be successful in pairing some of them up . Dating these days seems to start with an online membership to one of the many dating websites out there.

But he “knew” that if he couldn’t have an erection, the women were going to talk about his lack of erections amongst themselves, and he would never get a date again. No wonder men and women will do something sexual, even if they don’t really want to, in order to touch and be touched. None of the information posted on is intended as medical, legal, or business advice, or advice about reimbursement for health care services.

I’m still trying to process this and it’s been a few years since he told me this. The mention of any product, service, company, therapy or physician practice on does not constitute an endorsement of any kind by ASCO.

My female patients report that the men they meet don’t look much like their profile photos—hair loss and 20 pounds of extra weight are often the reality of meeting in person. My patients ask me what they should do next—and having never registered a profile myself, I am not able to provide much more than common sense suggestions.

Number 1: If the person lives in the same city or nearby (and this doesn’t seem to always be a criterion), perhaps going out for coffee is a good first “date.” Number 2: Don’t assume that it’ll be love at first sight (although that would be convenient).


  1. May 14, 2014. Chuck Barris, who created both “The Dating Game” and “Newlywed Game” also hosted “The Gong Show,” a wild and wooly amateur talent contest, which could only nominally be called a game show. NBC, whose execs reportedly never quite got the humor of the show, cancelled “The Gong Show” after a.

  2. Jun 4, 2008. "THE DATING GAME" first premiered on December 20-24, 1965 on abc-TV and remained a fixture on the network in both daytime and nighttime incarnations through the rest of the 1960s and well into the 1970s. Jim Lange, fresh from his announcing duties with Tennessee Ernie Ford stepped through the.

  3. Andrea helped her friend Joanna find love the old-fashioned way with a game show. Our staff swiped through Tinder to find contestants, and then Joanna put them to the test, asking many of the real questions from the 1960s show The Dating Game. We also hear briefly from the folks at IMTOY about their new line of.

  4. The dating world can be tough, which makes watching others try their hand at it hilariously entertaining. The Upfront Theatre presents Cupid's Arrow – an improvised dating game, inspired by the classic 1960's and 70's show The Dating Game. Our improvised version has our contestant choosing from 3 outlandish.

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